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Shooting Games

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3D Maze Survival3D Maze Survival
One day, you've lost your way and wandered into a strange place to find yourself in a huge haunted m
Agent KAgent K
Shoot the targets as the pop out from behind the walls. Don's shoot the barriers it will deduct your
Air FoxAir Fox
It is year 2215, the earth is flooded due to the melting polar ice. You are an Air-fox pilot on a mi
Alien MayhemAlien Mayhem
Space Station XII has reported some strange happenings. As a space cadet, you are carrying the inves
All Hallows EveAll Hallows Eve
Kill all attacking zombies to earn money. Use your earnings to buy better weapons and defences or yo
Alpha ForceAlpha Force
This is a really fun 2D scroller shooter game. Definitely a must play.
Armada AssaultArmada Assault
The Earth is in great danger. World War 3 wiped out almost all of the nations army. An unknown alien
Attack TimeAttack Time
Your objective is to drive your armed bike and destroy anything that moves.
Attack of the Influenza BirdsAttack of the Influenza Birds
Your aim is to stop an attack of the influenza birds in this game. You have 30 seconds to kill every
Babycal ThrowBabycal Throw
Get one kid with a soda can in his backpack and toss it up, and try to knock down as many kids as po
Accumulate points by shooting down anything that flies, floats, glides whatever...this can be anythi
Balloon ShooterBalloon Shooter
Fire The Balloons & Become A Sharp Shooter. Use Left Mouse Button To Fire The Balloons. Press Space
Bird HuntingBird Hunting
Become a Bird Hunter, Play the Bird Hunting Game. Use the UP & DOWN arrow keys to position the bow.
Your aim is to take control of your hero in three long missions and kill all of more than 100 soldie
Bombs AwayBombs Away
Your a seagull in this flash game and you mission is to bother busy tourist on a sunny beach. Fly ar
Bomby BomyBomby Bomy
Trapeze a red hot cannon ball off a target to bomb the flying creatures. Timing is key here - there
Bridge GuardianBridge Guardian
Save the Bridge, play the Bridge Guardian Game. Enemy soldiers are attacking the bridge and you have
Bug TimeBug Time
Never mind the Terminator here comes the Exterminator, lets blast some bugs.
Bush Royal RampageBush Royal Rampage
Save Town from the terrorists bent on the destruction of democracy
Cannon BallCannon Ball
In this small but challenging game you're the King of a small kingdom and you've declared a war agai
Car ShootingCar Shooting
Fly down the highway, avoid being bumped off or blown up, yes you can shoot back.
Castle DefenderCastle Defender
In this game you are an archer and you've to defend your king and the castle from the invaders for a
Clown KillerClown Killer
Killer Clowns have taken over the city! Kill as many as you can before the time runs out.
Cosmic DefenderCosmic Defender
Being a cosmic defender you've to destroy the invading aliens to save your brethren from abduction.
Counter StrikeCounter Strike
Get into the Counter Strike Training Area and qualify yourself to become an ace shooter
Crazy CastleCrazy Castle
Protect the castle from an attack from land and air, tons of crazy guns and stuff at your disposal.
Dawn of the Celebs 2Dawn of the Celebs 2
Description: Try to fight off more Hollywood zombies with your powerful mini-gun and knuckle punch.
Days of The DeadDays of The Dead
Description: Play days of the dead game, survival of the living dead curse for 13 days againts arm
De AnimatorDe Animator
A Shooting game based on H.P.Lovecrafts short story where a guy stood there and shot zombies with a
Deadly DwarvesDeadly Dwarves
Your territory has been occupied by little and deadly knife throwing monsters. In this action packed
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